In LoLiPoP IoT innovative Long Life Power Platforms will be developed to enable retrofitting of wireless sensor network modules in IoT applications. This includes the development of algorithms to perform FUNCTIONALITIES for asset tracking and condition monitoring (for predictive maintenance). They are used in APPLICATIONS for industry 4.0, smart mobility and energy efficient buildings. LoLiPoP IoT creates an ecosystem of developers, integrators and users to develop these platforms focusing on …

May 2023 - May 2026


Micro-bolometer sensors are compact, light, low power, reliable and affordable infrared imaging components. They are ahead of the cooled infrared sensors for these criteria but lag behind them in terms of performance: Existing micro-bolometer technologies have thermal time constants around 10 msec. This is more than 10 times that of cooled detectors. Moreover, there is no multispectral micro-bolometer sensor available today for applications such as absolute thermography and optical gas …

Dec 2022 - Dec 2025


The cloud computing industry has grown massively over the last decade and with that new areas of application have arisen. Some areas require specialized hardware, which needs to be placed in locations close to the user. User requirements such as ultra-low latency, security and location awareness are becoming more and more common, for example, in Smart Cities, industrial automation and data analytics. Modern cloud applications have also become more complex …

Dec 2022 - Dec 2025