vTRIx ®

vTRIx is a “Connected Cars/V2X Digital Twin Platform” which includes full stack functionality (ITS-G5, DSRC, V2X applications and other vehicle component interfaces) for V2X communication to contribute to various scenarios. The platform allows the integration of real/artificial vehicle traffic to generate realistic mobility patterns. It enables large scale testing of the scenarios The platform also communicate with external entities such as real vehicles and the infrastructure.

A Revolutionary Approach

Integration of real vehicle traces and maps enable demonstration of V2X communication to be applied to real-world scenarios

Large Scale Demonstration

Digital Twin brings emulation environment alongside real-world, Thus testing of V2X scenarios can be applied in large scale.

Testing, Verification & Validation

Cross-Domain Application Areas

Multi-Domain Implementations (Automotive, Maritime, Aeronautics)

A Comprehensive and Cost-efficient Tool for Decision Making