Pothole Detection (BumPIT)

Pothole Detection (BumPIT) ®

BumPIT detects undesirable road defects which might cause accidents or damage to vehicles. Our solution detects bumps, holes, and defects on the roads and enables time/location-based analysis of the road infrastructure. BigTRI provides a complete system solution in which the authorities and/or road users are informed on such defects for safe and comfortable driving in addition to the maintenance planning.

Detection of Road Irregularities

BumPIT detects bumps, potholes, pits and speed breakers with on-board hardware, GPS and 3-dimensional sensors. The information of irregularities are kept with location and time.

Real-time Analysis

On-board BumPIT sensor analyzes the data along with the data history immediately, enabling real-time detection and identification of road irregularities.

Crowd Sensing

Detection results from vehicles are shared via Connected Cars Service Platform (CCSP).

An Essential Tool for Municipalities, Driver Assistance Systems, and Road Infrastructure Maintenance

Easily Integrable to CCSP System

Pothole Detection (BumPIT)