Transportation and Smart Mobility

Transportation and Smart Mobility

Transportation is the backbone of modern civilization, hence monitoring, evaluating and managing it are critically important.

In BigTRI, we work on various emerging technologies to make transportation and mobility smarter in terms of management, efficiency, and safety.

Image Processing
Image Processing

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Connected Cars Event Management Platform (CCEMP) is an application which facilitates broadcasting of events to the relevant areas via directly connected Road Side Units. Its graphical user interface ease customizing …

Connected Cars Service Platform

Connected Cars Service Platform (CCSP) monitors wireless communication and enviromental information from C-ITS stations (OBUs, RSUs) with accordance of the standards. It enables the stations' data to be used for …

Digital Map Construction

BigTRI generates accurate digital roadmaps with the data obtained from vehicles. We extract additional information, and analyze the data to create accurate maps with applied AI/ML methods. Digital map construction …

Pothole Detection (BumPIT)

BumPIT detects undesirable road defects which might cause accidents or damage to vehicles. Our solution detects bumps, holes, and defects on the roads and enables time/location-based analysis of the road …

Real-Trace Analyzer

BigTRI’s Trace Analyzer tool provides solutions for traffic management, resource planning, and safe driving. BigTRI analyzes real-vehicle traces to extract spatiotemporal characteristics and builds AI/ML-enhanced traffic models, estimates pollution & …


BigTRI is providing an innovative UI solution for enhanced situation awareness for the driver. In addition to the V2X/Connected cars application presented in the UI, a user-friendly digital map provides …

V2X Applications

V2X/Connected Car applications that are defined in the standards provide safety & traffic efficiency and enhance the situation awareness of the driver. BigTRI provides these services with proven and real-world …


vTRIx is a “Connected Cars/V2X Digital Twin Platform” which includes full stack functionality (ITS-G5, DSRC, V2X applications and other vehicle component interfaces) for V2X communication to contribute to various scenarios. …